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You, Tigress

Nora Salmon



The tight, quick way
You—Tigress—coil and release:
Each step forward a springboard liberation,
One calf muscle after another
You step—you step—you step

I like the firmness of the backs of your thighs:
How hard you’ve worked to climb to the top.
Now we look upward, watch your legs disappearing;
The view is so good we fall
Ever further behind.

The boxy curves of your hips—
Oh, Empress, those hips!
To make a skirt swing and sway round you,
A lithe little dance that charms
The snakes in the hearts of men:
We are mesmerized, we bend and bow
To you—to you—to you

I like the star-scapes spotting your churned cream skin:
How long you stood while the map of the world
Was scrawled on you in freckled lines!
Your thighs now trembling on either side of me:
This is my religion,
Here I am at your altar.

The soft, slick glide of my fingers inside of you,
To bend them slowly and watch
Twin roses blooming on your marble-etched cheeks.
To feel your warm wetness,
Watch it blur my fingerprints into
Glistening, pearly abstractions.
I won’t ask whose fingers have been here before,
Explored the vast landscape of you, you,
Immortal, wondrous, eternally beautiful—
But I wonder—I wonder—I wonder…