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Who We Are

The Marr’s Field Journal staff consists entirely of undergraduate students. Staff members are expected to attend meetings where they read and adjudicate submissions, participate in discussions, and assist the editor during the publication process. Every staff member is required to submit their own work for review.

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Our Staff:

Kathleen Kelley

Sarah Scarcliff

Tyler Arnold

Sarah Margaret Veres

Nelle Rainer

Dock DeRamus

Mo – Musharaf Faisal Alnaham

Alyssa Adams

JeVaughn Patterson

Brandon Smith

Sydney Jason

Gracelyn Mitchell

Kacie Mears

Jack Maurer

Lewis Zannis

Claire Tumlin

Autumn Darah

Cole Pittman

Eyan Gentry

Maya Mungo

Megan Minium

Luci Long

Cassie Montgomery

Ansel Smith

Makayla Maxwell

Jane Zhao

Quade Mainzer


Editor in Chief, Kathleen Kelley