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Dating the Asphalt

Tori Linville


Changing oil isn’t
the hard part, it’s the spilling
out of wasted adventures

You once said Ford
means that I’ll be found
on road dead

Solitude can be found
between four lines
even more when stranded

two white, two yellow
they don’t apologize
for their stains

potholes are badges –
honor that can be smothered
but not taken away

the boy at that
Colorado school had
a love for Chevy trucks

before his classmate’s
bullet put him & his love
to sleep for eternity

life is like a shooting
you can plan plan plan
never goes the way you think

casualties of perfectionists
hang in the balance
slaughtered by inadequacies

I used to pick
you apart, stringing
your faults along

telephone wires
you never cared
so I pulled the pin

we exploded
you still said
it was okay

my body was
your clothespin
so ready to spring

shut, clasping
i was your laundry
hung high & dry