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Volume 33: 2022-2023

A digital illustration in which a woman with bluish-gray skin stands, poised to cut the wings off a bright blue and black butterfly. She wears a simple white dress with ruffles along her shoulders, and the skirt is streaked with a deep red. Her eyes are wrapped in bandages, with a dark red seeping through where her eyes would be and beginning to drip down her cheeks. Around her, more of the bright blue butterflies fly around in the dark blue background, slightly illuminating the space around them with their glow.

Cover Art: Dead Dreams by Jane Zhao

The Marr’s Field Journal

The Marr’s Field Journal, the University of Alabama’s premiere undergraduate art and literary magazine, was created in 1989 as a forum for emerging writers and artists. The Marr’s Field Journal’s annual publication showcases exceptional undergraduate poetry, prose, dance, theater, art, and music composition. The Journal, an esteemed organization within the Office of Student Media, takes great pride in promoting creative thought at The University of Alabama.

The Staff

The people responsible for the 2022-2023 literary magazine:

Kathleen Kelley

Sarah Scarcliff

Sarah Margaret Veres

Musharaf “Mo” Faisal Alnaham

JeVaughn Patterson

Brandon Smith


Sydney Jason

Kacie Mears

Jack Maurer

Cole Pittman

Eyan Gentry

Maya Mungo


Megan Minium

Cassie Montgomery

Ansel Smith

Jane Zhao

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