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Volume 33: 2022-2023

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A digital illustration in which a blonde woman and a gray cat look at each other from opposite ends of a table. The woman leans, grinning, across the table. She uses one outstretched hand to push a can of fish and a plush mouse toy towards the cat. The wall behind the two figures is decorated with framed pictures of the cat.

A Business Deal

A photograph of a French landscape, taken from the window of a moving vehicle. The huge white letters of MARSEILLE are in the center of the piece. Blurred vehicles pass underneath the signage, and a light blue sky is clustered with gray clouds.

Sur la Route

A drawing of a furry brown squirrel with a fluffy tail, standing on his hind legs on a branch. The squirrel is looking up at a nude fairy with wings and pale skin. The fairy is petting the nose of the squirrel.

Animal Fairy

Beach Day in Greece

An illustration of a woman at a three-quarters view looking towards the upper left corner of the image. A pink ray of light filled with floating rose petals shines on her face, coloring her skin in shades of maroon with blue shadows. The woman appears serene, with her eyes closed and mouth parted. The artists describes the piece as, "A woman praying as ray of light, colored in a pink hue is shone in a room filled with blue shadows. Rose petals fall from the sky, towards her face that is lifted upwards at the source of the light."

Praying to the Roses

Four playing cards made from handmade paper consisting of pulp made from blue button-down shirts. The cards are fanned out, with a red four of hearts in the forefront. It is followed by a red eight of diamonds, a red nine of hearts, and a black ace of spades as the final card. The pulp texture from the handmade paper is present on the surface of each card. They are placed against a beige background.

The Blue Collar

Drawing of a figure in a tiled shower made with red and black pen. The figure at the center of the drawing is comprised of scribbled, overlapping, non-uniform lines, and is facing the viewer with the arm on the right side raised. The raised arm meets an arc of similarly scribbled, thinner organic shapes that end at the drain at the bottom of the drawing, shifted to the right compared to the figure. The corner of the shower is visible on the left side, with the showerhead in the top left corner. The showerhead is spraying black and red water droplets that only reach the left side of the figure, with the arm on the left side extended into the water. The drawing is done on a beige paper background.

The Voices in the Drain

Drawing/Illustration. Sketches of Faces on colored circles. Multiple pen-sketched circles with plain faces, all of various colors. Not all circles have faces and they are all of different sizes.

All the Lonely People

Painting. Abstract painting of blue and gold blocks, smudges. and other shapes. An abstract painting of various strokes overlayed one another on a light blue background. There are various shades of blue strokes going in random directions. There is a strong element of gold throughout, with some of the strokes dripping and others having no discernable shape.

A Case of the Blues with a Bit of Sparkle

This is an illustration done in black ink of a sunflower that is bent over a watering can. There are petals falling off of the flower and they are going into the watering can. They are both positioned on a hill with the flower on the left and the watering can on the right of the image. The flower is also larger than the watering can.

Giving Back

A collection of four porcelain cups created using slip-casing and 3D modeling. One smaller cup sits in the foreground while three taller cups of the same size sit behind it. The rims of the cups are seven-sided polygons which appear to rotate the length of one side as the walls approach the base of the form. Three cups, including two tall cups and the one short cup, are glazed in a translucent green color, with blue crystals forming along the lines of the cups and within certain thicker areas of glaze. The final large cup is a deep cholate brown. On this cup, dark blue crystals creep out from the lines within the cup, turning to white at the edges.

Seven-Sided Cups

A figure study of a nude person rendered in green, yellow, and blue crayon. The figure's feet are towards the bottom of the page and appear closest to the viewer, with the figure appearing to be reclined backwards away from the viewer and towards the upper left corner. The shading is realistic, giving the figure a distinct volume, but the arrangement of the limbs is contorted. Combined with the vibrant color choices, the contorted limbs give the overall image a surreal quality.

Reclining Nude

This is a photograph of a man with peace signs and a vape in his hand. The light and color on his face is smeared and the colors are saturated. The smearing makes the image appear to be in motion although the man in the photo is stationary. The man is wearing a black jacket and white shirt. He has black pointy hair as well.


A digital illustration in which a woman with bluish-gray skin stands, poised to cut the wings off a bright blue and black butterfly. She wears a simple white dress with ruffles along her shoulders, and the skirt is streaked with a deep red. Her eyes are wrapped in bandages, with a dark red seeping through where her eyes would be and beginning to drip down her cheeks. Around her, more of the bright blue butterflies fly around in the dark blue background, slightly illuminating the space around them with their glow.

Dead Dreams

A photograph of seagulls in flight. The camera is positioned directly below the six birds, capturing the slanted sideways V they make in the deep azure sky. The stark whiteness of their feathers contrasts jarringly against the background.

Terror Ensues

This is a photo taken from the inside of a blue car. The photo is of a plume of smoke in the distance and there is a black sedan and a blue volkswagen bug being directed by the police away from the smoke. In the distance there is a Memphis Police Car in the distance under the streetlight. The sky is a light blueish, grey and the street is brown.

Chemical Factory Fire Killed the Cat

A drawing depicts a woman's disembodied head in front of a white full moon against a black sky. The woman's head is tilted approximately forty-five degrees clockwise and casts a shadow on the left side of the moon. Her face is predominantly dark gray. She is wearing a septum ring and has long, blue and white hair and purple lips. There is an arc of white dots on her forehead. Smaller, blue dots fleck her left cheek, which is colored pink and purple. The right side of her face is obscured by her hair. There is a blue and white galaxy-like pattern in the top-left and bottom-right corners of the image, and a few white stars in the other corners of the image.

Dame de la Lune

A graphite and black pen sketch evocative of Italian marble statuary depicts two figures having sexual intercourse. Two figures face each other. The left most figure kneels on one knee over the right-most figure's lap. The left figure is arched backwards, and the figure's hand is out stretched to clasp in the right figure's short hair. A drape covers only the genitals of the left figure, with the right figure gripping and lifting the drape into the air.


A illustration in a sketchbook of a broken marionette puppet, of mostly grays and blacks, sitting on a brown table. A large gaping wound in the doll's chest opens to reveal a rose of dark red petals, deep green leaves, and white highlights. Petals fall from the rose into the lap of the puppet. The doll's head is tilted toward the right, limp, and her black hair is tied in a loose bun with strands falling in front of her face, slightly covering the upside-down crescent moon symbol on her forehead. There are broken strings hanging from the wrists and head of the marionette. The sketchbook is pictured on a background of light pink and white lace fabrics, with a pop of bright yellow flowers with green leaves on the left side.


A 2-foot tall white, ceramic tower standing at a 3-quarters angle. It has a 1-foot-wide block as a foundation and becomes narrower as it approaches the top. It is topped with a house-like structure with a triangular roof. The tower has three structures that come out on the sides, attached diagonally on the opposite side of the tower. The bottom-most addition is a flat box. the middle-most is a perpendicular arm that upholds a small house-like building. Not far above is a medium-sized house-like structure on a thin base. the artist says.

The Tower of St. Mystere

The colorful face of a cat floats slanted in the middle of a pastel yellow, green, and pink background. Its eyes are slanted cartoonishly, implying anger or nefarious activity. Its long black whiskers and other black etchings in the face balance out the heavily contoured face, which is shaded bright yellow, red, magenta, and purple.

Graffiti Cat

A frantic collage centered with a ripped drawing of half of a face. This half of the face is split from the other by blue, orange, pink, purple, and yellow shapes. There is a pink drawing of a bouquet of flowers, kiss stains, the edge of a lime-colored book, scribbled eyes, and violent colors of bright yellow, bright pink, and teal.

Unfinished but Not Incomplete

A gouache painting depicting an adorable bright-white alien in a flying saucer. The blue vessel is centered on the beige canvas, heading towards the upper right-hand side, shining down a red beam below it. In the background are yellow stars, black and red comets, orange orbs, teal stripes, whisps of white.

Goin’ Home!