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You, Tigress

Nora Salmon


The tight, quick way
You—Tigress—coil and release:
Each step forward a springboard liberation…

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Do You See Me Through Your Camera Lens?

Sarah Potts


The outline of a jaw, a nose, a messy curl,
A silhouette against city lights
That poured into that window,…

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April Showers

Jessica Hauger


Tonight we took the cushions from all the chairs on the back porch
and hit them until all of the pollen had been beat into the air.
I know they will fill again with the yellow dust by tomorrow afternoon and so…

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Nora Salmon


Mountains never move
Unless the heavens call them
To kiss the sweet sky…

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Savannah and the Black Warrior

Jessica Hauger


He rises in eerie silence,
an interruption of the great stories of Antebellum,
legends told in slow drawl by old men…

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Savannah and the Black Warrior


Taste Test

Sarah Potts


Before you say that word you should taste it.
I mean really savor it.
Let the letters slide…

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A Cherokee Rose

Jessica Hauger


The dogs bark across the way,
and in our own yard, a grating sound –
a restless jay…

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America is Failing Our Students

Alyssa Hubbard


TOcean like an ink well, drop drop drop as the people as the people like pens across a page. Dotting “i”s crossing “t”s, …

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Adulteration of a Girl, Aged 10

Madison King


she lay there
after the weight had gone
the emergency glass tucked in her chest shattered by…

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Fender Medium

Sarah Potts


Nestled snugly beneath brass strings a guitar pick lives.

He makes his home between two frets,
Passing day after day looking out from the neck…

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Dating the Asphalt

Tori Linville


Changing oil isn’t
the hard part, it’s the spilling
out of wasted adventures…

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The Harness, Or Digging Myself To Pennsylvania With A Plastic Spoon

Jessica Hauger


CWhen I was just old enough to walk,
my mother would take me to the Kroger
and set me in the cart while she shopped….

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Six Hundred and Fifty

Tori Linville


laying in the bed
didn’t make it better.
you smear mayonnaise….

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Oxygen Masks Don’t Make The Hero

Tori Linville


I didn’t know that
chickens shit their eggs
until he showed me…..

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Tori Linville


You sit in your room. It’s not really yours. Your roommate has a boy over. She screams in the next room.
Little black hairs are all over the floor and there’s a pool of laundry detergent by the fridge. The phone rings but all you can think about are your misplaced bobby pins…

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Buckhead Betty

Sarah Potts


When we heard the news about Callie Sutton, we weren’t exactly surprised. The last we had heard about her came from Liz Harris, whose mother had run into Mrs. Barnes at Whole Foods a few months back…

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