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Who We Are

The Marr’s Field Journal is comprised entirely of undergraduate students. Staff members are expected to attend meetings where they read and adjudicate submissions, participate in discussions, and assist the editor during the publication process. Every staff member is allowed to submit his or her own work for review. MFJ staff applications are closed for the 2017-2018 year, but we encourage anyone who is interested to apply next year here. Experience with other publications is preferred, but not required.

Staff 2016-2017


General Staff

Almosa Pirela-Jones

Ehsan Kassim

Emily Triolet

Grace Dickerson

Jacquie Andreano

Jasmine James

Kyle Wood

Paige Pfeifer

Editor in Chief, Rhiannon Hein

Managing Editor, Lawson Mohl

Visual Editor, Magdalene Kennedy

Visual Editor, Tabitha Palmer

Submissions Editor, Lauren Zecha

Submission Editor, Josh McMeans

(Not Pictured)

Copy Editor, Rachel Johnson

Marketing Manager, Anna Kate Yancy